Rob Terry Trio

A fresh, exciting trio featuring Rob Terry’s compositional work – a superb mix of modern jazz with strong nods to the harmony and sensitivities of the classical world. His playing veers from the strongly muscular to beautifully sensitive and is dynamic enough to keep even the toughest of critics keenly aware that there is a lot being said through his finely crafted arrangements, which brim with memorable melody and harmonic surprise. Rob Terry (piano), Paul Jefferies (double bass), Charlie Stratford (kit).

Ben Holder Quartet

He (Ben) has to be one of the finest jazz violinist playing in Europe today. They’re a rare breed, but what marks Ben out from the (small) crowd is his phenomenal clarity of articulation when playing at speed. At full tilt he’s jaw droopingly fast but incredibly the notes are well chosen and still manage to outline the music’s harmony. His balladic playing is beautiful and I’m delighted to be part of his quartet (and his trios). Ben is a self confessed lover of swing music, his jazz interest was peaked by listening to the great jazz clarinetists of the 30s 40s and beyond. His own music (he’s a brilliant composer) is intriguing – a mix of nods to old time swing and melody but with some rather more modern yet accessible arrangements and harmonies. Ben Holder (violin/vcls/piano), Jez Cook (guitars), Paul Jefferies (bass) & Malcolm Garret/Dave Wilkes (drums).

Wendy Kirkland Band

Since 2017, pianist / singer Wendy, with husband Pat Sprakes has been touring a show that celebrates the music of great female singer/pianists and the quartet (Wendy, Pat, myself and Steve Wyndham) recorded and toured a very successful album ‘Piano Divas’ which received excellent reviews from UK and European publications and critics. Her new album “The Music’s on Me”, which takes some more adventurous material and adds guests Roger Beaujolais and Tommaso Starace will be toured in 2019 and 2020 and has already received positive reviews from the press and media.